Procedures Crutches Wheelchairs Canes Walkers in School

The parent/guardian of students that require the use of a mobility assistive device in school;
for example, crutches, wheelchair, cane or walker should provide documentation to the
school nurse from a hospital or medical practice. This documentation should include the
name of the hospital, or medical practice (with contact information) and can be accepted from
the following; physician, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, nurse (RN, LPN), physical
therapist, school athletic trainer, other paraprofessionals, case manager, or office manager. To
provide a safe environment this documentation (and other related documentation) should
include the following:

  • Reason for use
  • Duration (length) of use (with dates)
  • Ability to usestairs
  • Any activityrestrictions
  • Any specialinstructions

A student with a long-term disability does not require additional documentation each school
year unless there is a change in the use of their mobility device.

The school nurse will review the documentation and develop and implement a plan to accommodate the student during the school day to include field trips. The parent/guardian must provide the crutches, wheelchair, cane, or walker. 

Please contact your school nurse should you have any questions or concerns