Driver Education Program

Driver education programs in Virginia schools focus on safe driving attitudes, skill development and appropriate responses to hazards. As required by § 22.1-205. Code of Virginia for Driver Education Programs, the Virginia Board of Education has established a standardized program of driver education for public, private and commercial driver training schools.

Virginia's driver education curriculum provides new drivers with engaging content that informs choices, improves skills and attitudes and produces safer drivers who are "tuned-in", focused and ready to respond to anything that may happen in the driving environment. Successful completion of a state-approved driver education program does not, in itself, make teenagers experienced, responsible drivers. The primary goal of driver education is to create a culture of safe driving behaviors by fundamentally improving driver behavior, not just traffic safety knowledge and skills; whereby, students adopt safe driving behaviors and attitudes, are fully accountable for the choices they make and gain meaningful, guided experiences to become safer, more competent drivers, minimizing their risks and contributing to a reduction of crashes, fatalities and injuries for all drivers in Virginia.

Getting your driving license is an exciting new adventure, especially for a teenager. With the new license comes new-found freedom. However, driving privileges also come with great responsibility. To become a safe licensed driver, our students are required to follow a path of education and practice to prepare for the tasks ahead. The driver education theory course is offered as part of the tenth grade health education curriculum in all high schools during the first semester. When the classroom theory phase has been passed, the student will receive the green DEC-1 card.

When the student reaches the age of 15 years and 6 months, they can go to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and take the learner's permit test. When the student has both the green card and learner's permit, they may register for Behind-the-Wheel instruction at their school. The fee for Behind-the-Wheel is $210.

If you need additional information on the Driver Education program, contact Denise O'Connell, Driver Education Lead at 757.263.1410; or Sheila Jones, K-12 health, physical and driver education coordinator at 757-263-1479.