Elementary School

Elementary schools build a strong foundation for learning throughout a student's life. It is our goal to make sure that each elementary student receives an equitable, rigorous and relevant education. We offer guidelines, resources and professional development for teachers to make good decisions around student learning.

School Street Address Principal Phone
Alanton Elementary 1441 Stephens Road Ms. Charlene E. Garran 757.648.2000
Arrowhead Elementary 5549 Susquehanna Drive Ms. Kimani K. Vaughan 757.648.2040
Bayside Elementary 5649 Bayside Road Ms. Catherine M. Brumm 757.648.2080
Bettie F. Williams Elementary
892 Newtown Road Mr. Timothy Sullivan 757.648.4080
Birdneck Elementary 957 S. Birdneck Road Mr. Robert V. Yoshida 757.648.2120
Brookwood Elementary 601 S. Lynnhaven Road Mrs. Christine C. Alarcon 757.648.2160
Centerville Elementary 2201 Centerville Turnpike Ms. Teresa A. Ritzel 757.648.2200
Christopher Farms Elementary 2828 Pleasant Acres Drive Ms. Robyn Backer 757.648.2240
College Park Elementary 1110 Bennington Road Ms. Meishe K. Thirus 757.648.2280
Cooke Elementary 1501 Mediterranean Avenue Ms. Casey L. Conger 757.648.2320
Corporate Landing Elementary 1590 Corporate Landing Pkwy Ms. Kelly W. Coon 757.648.2360
Creeds Elementary 920 Princess Anne Road Mr. Douglas Knapp 757.648.2400
Dey Elementary 1900 N. Great Neck Road Ms. Elizabeth C. Bianchi 757.648.2440
Diamond Springs Elementary 5225 Learning Circle Ms. Gloria Coston 757.648.4240
Fairfield Elementary 5428 Providence Road Ms. Lori Gross 757.648.2480
Glenwood Elementary 2213 Round Hill Drive Mr. David B. French 757.648.2520
Green Run Elementary 1200 Green Garden Circle Dr. Sheila Wynn 757.648.2560
Hermitage Elementary 1701 Pleasure House Road Ms. Angela K. Munari 757.648.2600
Holland Elementary 3340 Holland Road Dr. Callie M. Richardson 757.648.2640
Indian Lakes Elementary 1240 Homestead Drive Ms. Jennifer C. Born 757.648.2680
Kempsville Elementary 570 Kempsville Road Ms. Lori S. Hasher 757.648.2720
Kempsville Meadows Elementary 736 Edwin Drive Mr. Mikelle C. Williams 757.648.2760
King's Grant Elementary 612 N. Lynnhaven Road Dr. Lorena L. Kelly 757.648.2800
Kingston Elementary 3532 King's Grant Road Mr. Grant L. Baker 757.648.2840
Landstown Elementary 2212 Recreation Drive Mr. Jeffrey D. Hofmann 757.648.2880
Linkhorn Park Elementary 977 First Colonial Road Ms. Kathleen N. Scarborough 757.648.2920
Luxford Elementary 4808 Haygood Road Ms. Allison H. Jordan 757.648.2960
Lynnhaven Elementary 210 Dillon Drive Ms. Teri A. Breaux 757.648.3000
Malibu Elementary 3632 Edinburgh Drive Ms. Micah B. Harris 757.648.3040
New Castle Elementary 4136 Dam Neck Road Ms. Heather A. Quinn 757.648.3080
Newtown Elementary 5277 Learning Circle Ms. Heidi Rinehart-Richardson 757.648.3120
North Landing Elementary 2929 North Landing Road Ms. Jill S. Barger 757.648.3160
Ocean Lakes Elementary 1616 Upton Drive Dr. Linda Reese 757.648.3200
Parkway Elementary 4180 O'Hare Drive Mrs. Krista Barton-Arnold 757.648.3280
Pembroke Elementary 4622 Jericho Road Mrs. Ryan Goldburg 757.648.3320
Pembroke Meadows Elementary 820 Cathedral Drive Dr. Charles L. Spivey 757.648.3360
Point O View Elementary 5400 Parliament Drive Mr. John T. Chowns 757.648.3440
Princess Anne Elementary 2444 Seaboard Road Mr. Patrick I. Wroton 757.648.3480
Providence Elementary 4968 Providence Road Mr. Michael A. Taylor 757.648.3520
Red Mill Elementary 1860 Sandbridge Road Dr. Michelle L. Miller 757.648.3560
Rosemont Elementary 1257 Rosemont Road Ms. Cari A. Hall 757.648.3600
Rosemont Forest Elementary 1716 Grey Friars Chase Mr. Gregory Furlich 757.648.3640
Salem Elementary 3961 Salem Lakes Blvd. Dr. Ann Shufflebarger 757.648.3680
Seatack Elementary 912 S. Birdneck Road Mr. Vincent M. Darby, Sr. 757.648.3720
Shelton Park Elementary 1700 Shelton Road Ms. Tara M. Brewer 757.648.3760
Strawbridge Elementary 2553 Strawbridge Road Ms. Jacqueline Y. Sargent 757.648.3800
Tallwood Elementary 2025 Kempsville Road Dr. Tamika Singletary-Johnson 757.648.3840
Thalia Elementary 421 Thalia Road Dr. Crystal L. Wilkerson 757.648.3880
Thoroughgood Elementary 1701 Pleasure House Road
Dr. Cheryl Zigrang 757.648.3920
Three Oaks Elementary 2201 Elson Green Avenue Mr. Matthew A. Orebaugh 757.648.3960
Trantwood Elementary 2344 Inlynnview Road Ms. Lou Anne Metzger 757.648.4000
White Oaks Elementary 960 Windsor Oaks Blvd. Mrs. Stephanie D. Haus 757.648.4040
Windsor Oaks Elementary 3800 Van Buren Drive Dr. Sherri Archer 757.648.4120
Windsor Woods Elementary 233 Presidential Blvd. Dr. Melanie J. Hamblin 757.648.4160
Woodstock Elementary 6016 Providence Road Ms. Amy N. Hedrick 757.648.4200