Virginia Beach Community Trust for Persons with Mental Disabilities has two components, The Trust for persons with Mental Retardation and The Trust for persons with Serious Mental Illnesses. The Community Trust has been operational since March of 1982. The Trust was conceived as a way of dealing with the complex problems surrounding the future planning for individuals with mental disabilities. Through the Trust mechanism, parents and close family members have an opportunity to provide funds for the future of their family member. By setting up a Special Needs Trust, money from a family’s estate can be used to enhance the life of a disabled individual without jeopardizing entitlement benefits.

Families may arrange a planning consultation by calling one of the following numbers:

Care Connection for Children
Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters
601 Children's Lane
Norfolk, VA 23507

Developmental Services Division Mental
Pembroke Three Building
289 Independence Blvd., Suite 144
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: 757-385-0645
Fax: 757-473-2105

Health Substance Abuse Division
Pembroke Three Building
289 Independence Blvd., Suite 120
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: 757-385-0800
Fax: 757-473-2105

Virginia Beach Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services
Pembroke Four
291 Independence Blvd , Suite 300
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Virginia Beach Department of Human Services
3432 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Additional Resources

Virginia Family Special Education Connection POWER
Parent Ombudsman for Special Education