Health Metrics

VBCPS will begin school virtually for all students Sept. 8, after which time the health metrics will be published and updated.

Using the Fall 2020 Plan, which outlines the division’s health monitoring metrics, VBCPS will continue to monitor the data and plan face-to-face instruction for those who choose Option 1 once all indicators are green or yellow for 14 days. There are several important considerations for using a 14-day wait period.

To view the data used by the division to monitor metrics, please access the links below. In addition, under resources, please see the Fall 2020 Plan – Getting School Open (pages 13-14), as well as the table below, which outlines the division’s face-to-face return using red-yellow-green metrics.



Table describing when in a certain zone what each grade level will look like for virtual or in-person learning.