Citywide Programs Bus Transportation

Students enrolled in the school division's Citywide Academy and Advanced Academic, or Gifted Programs, Charter School, Old Donation School, and Renaissance Academy have access to the Citywide Express Bus Route System as a means of transportation to and from school.

School Bus information for all citywide program/school students will be available through each student's ParentVue account. Only students who have requested transportation through their school will be assigned to a bus and bus stop. This easy-to-use system provides parents and students with the assigned Bus Number, the Bus Stop Location, distance from your residence to the bus stop, and the approximate arrival time of the bus at the bus stop.

Important Reminder: All school bus stop arrival times for citywide schools and programs are subject to change significantly due to traffic or the enrollment of new students. ParentVue will provide the most up to date bus route information available. Check back often and please have your student at the bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival for at least the first month of school.

For your convenience, an overview of the citywide express bus route system is included on this page. Please remember that the Office of Transportation Services is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, energy efficient and cost-saving services to our students and families.

Citywide School/Program Transportation Guidelines:

  • Centralized pick-up and delivery points will be established under general guidelines outlined below. There may be, however, unique circumstances in certain areas of the city that will result in a greater distance ratio between home and pick-up point.
    • Bus stops will only be established at the entrance to neighborhoods/multi-neighborhoods, on main thoroughfares, or at centralized locations within those neighborhoods.
    • Bus stops will be located up to 1.5 miles from a student's residence for Secondary School aged students and .5 miles for Elementary School aged students.
    • Bus stops will only be created for regular everyday riders. Occasional bus riders will be obligated to get to the nearest existing bus stop regardless of the distance to the stop.
    • One bus stop will be established for each citywide program/school student to utilize. Changing bus stops weekly or during the week to be transported to alternate locations will not be allowed.
    • Only students enrolled in the specific citywide program or school will be eligible for out of zone transportation. Hardship eligibility exceptions must be approved by Student Leadership and the Building Administrator.
    • Some programs may have a limited geographic transportation eligibility zone.
    • Students residing within their home school's non-transportation zone will use their home school as their bus stop. If a student did not attend the citywide or academy program, they would still be obligated to get to their home school without bus transportation.
  • This transportation delivery system presents several advantages as listed below:
    • The judicious placement of centralized school bus stops allows students to spend less time on school buses.
    • Pick-up and drop-off times can be established with more certainty and regularity.
    • Specific school bus stop and bus assignments helps to maintain a safer environment for students.
    • The citywide express route system will significantly reduce district-wide transportation costs. This will provide funds for the school system to maintain or create additional programs or academies.
  • Student enrollment in individual citywide programs/schools will determine the locations of the bus stops in the citywide express route system. Identification of the bus stops will be established after the completion of student enrollment in the citywide programs.
    • All citywide bus routes are revised, and bus stops re-evaluated, for centralized placement each summer due to the enrollment of new students and graduation of others. See above guidelines.
    • Transportation Bus Stops will not be established without proper notification. Allow a minimum of 5 to 10 business days for any bus stop change requests.
    • Student transportation information will be available through each student's ParentVue account at least one week prior to the start of each school year.
  • Transportation information changes such as moving, changing your request from driving to riding, etc. must be submitted through each student's school. Allow 5 – 7 business days for any change requests to be processed.
  • Requests to move or modify an existing bus stop must be submitted in writing to the Office of Transportation Services via email at [email protected]. All requests should include student name, student ID, address, and reason for request. Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.

Questions about your student's bus?

Email us at [email protected], visit our FAQ link, or call VBCPS Transportation Services at 757.263.1545. **Please include your student's name, student ID, and home address in all correspondences.