Edulog Parent Portal Lite Mobile App

We've changed school bus app providers

Parent Portal Lite

Virginia Beach City Public Schools' mobile app for bus stop notifications has changed. The new app is called Edulog Parent Portal Lite and can be downloaded for free via the via the App Store or Google Play.

Instructions for establishing an account

  1. Install the app
    1. Open the app and select "Allow" for the app to send notifications
  2. Registration
    1. Select "Sign-up" instead of the Login prompt
    2. Enter your email address
    3. Enter and confirm password
    4. Add your first and last name
    5. Tap "Sign up"
  3. Confirm email
    1. Open your email
    2. Look for an email from ""
    3. Click on the link to activate your account
    4. An account verification window will appear
  4. Log In
    1. Return to app
    2. Enter email and password
    3. Tap "Login"
  5. Access location prompt may or may not appear
    1. If the prompt appears, tap "Allow" to allow the app to use your location to orient the map
  6. Vehicles
    1. No vehicles will be listed on the home page of the app menu until you subscribe to a district
  7. Subscribe to district
    1. Tap on "Districts" in the lower menu of the app
    2. Tap "Subscribe to District"
  8. Registration code
    1. Enter the Virginia Beach City Public Schools district code, which is 49520952
    2. Tap "ok"
  9. Districts
    1. Tap "Virginia Beach -VA"
  10. Follow Buses
    1. Search for your child’s bus and tap the slide button to activate tracking.
  11. My Bus
    1. Tap "My Buses" in the lower main menu
  12. Add Alert
    1. Slide up the bus list window
    2. Tap "Add Alert Zone"
  13. Alert Zone
    1. Pan the map to your home's location or enter address
    2. Enter an alert name
    3. Adjust time and radius and tap "Save"
  14. View Alert
    1. Alert Zone information will appear
  15. Notification
    1. On the home page, alerts will appear only if notifications are turned on
  16. Settings
    1. Tap on "Settings" in the main menu to make any changes to notifications, passwords or profile
  17. Notifications
    1. Select "Notification Settings"
    2. Enable notifications
    3. Tap on "Bus Notifications"
  18. Bus notification
    1. Enable each bus
  19. Password
    1. If you ever need to change your password, go to "Settings" and click "Change Password"
    2. Enter your email
    3. Tap "Submit"
    4. Check your email
    5. Tap "ok"
  20. Profile
    1. Verify your information
    2. Optional: add your birthday by tapping the calendar icon
    3. Click save


Should you have any questions, please provide the following information to the Transportation Office via email at or by phone at 757.263.1545:

  • Your name
  • Email address used for Edulog Parent Portal Lite account
  • Your child's first and last names along with student ID
  • Your child's bus number
  • Question or description of issue