Edulog Parent Portal

Parents Empowered!

Parent Bus Tracking Application

  • Where's My Bus?
  • Bus Arrival Notifications
  • Planned Stop Information
  • Access to All Children in the Family
  • Incoming Transportation Messages
  • Apple (iOS) and Android
  • Secure Access

Real Time Bus Location Information

Edulog Parent Portal lets parents see the time and location planned for school bus arrival at their child’s bus stop. The app also lets them view the location of the school bus to gauge arrival times each day and sends a push notification to their smartphone when the bus enters a user-defined geographic area around the stop. Parents only receive access by registering with data unique to their child. It’s all information to help parents feel secure about their child’s trip on the school bus!


Should you have any questions, please provide the following information to the Transportation Office via email at [email protected] or by phone at 757.263.1545:

  • Your name
  • Email address used for Edulog Parent Portal Lite account
  • Your child's first and last names along with student ID
  • Your child's bus number
  • Question or description of issue