Virtual Learning Day FAQs

During the 2019-20 school year, Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) included two Virtual Learning Days on the school calendar. During these days, students do not report to school, but instead, use these days to work on assignments from home.

Why have Virtual Learning Days?
Virtual Learning Days are an opportunity to remove the barriers of time and location by engaging students in real-world learning opportunities at any time, any place. In addition, Virtual Learning Days are a proactive way for the school division to help bank instructional time to use in cases of school cancellations.

How do students receive assignments?
Ahead of the Virtual Learning Days, teachers provide assignments to students directly while in class to help them prepare for the work that is to be completed at home.

How are assignments designed?
The Department of Teaching and Learning has developed curriculum-based learning assignments and templates for teachers to utilize and modify as needed. These resources give teachers the ability to adjust assignments to align with pacing and curriculum. Teachers may also create their own assignments based on student interest and needs. Special education teachers will work collaboratively with general education teachers to modify virtual learning day assignments or provide alternate assignments based on student needs. Options for students to access materials and complete assignments will be provided based upon IEP goals and accommodations.

What if students do not have access to the internet at home?
All Virtual Learning Day assignments are designed to be completed either online or using paper and pencil at home, depending upon a student’s preference and/or need. In addition, there is a five school day window for secondary students and a 10 school day window for elementary students to complete assignments. Students may also choose to work before or after school on any part of the assignment.

What resources are available if students have questions or concerns on the assignments?
The Department of School Leadership worked with school principals to ensure teachers have time available during the day to answer questions from students through email and the division’s learning management system, Schoology. The assignment windows and availability of teachers to answer questions will ensure students are able to ask questions or get help before the due dates.

What if families have scheduling conflicts on that day?
The Virtual Learning day is considered a regular school day. It is highly encouraged that students complete their Virtual Learning Day assignments on the scheduled day. If unable to do so, the student may complete the assignment over the course of the designated five school day window for secondary students and the 10 school day window for elementary students. Students who do not complete the assignments within the window will be held to the make-up policy determined in course grading guidelines.