Woodstock Elementary School students help neighbors in need

Woodstock Elementary School students help neighbors in need
Posted on 12/14/2018
Fifth-graders in Stephanie Wyman’s class at Woodstock Elementary School wanted to make a difference in Virginia Beach, so she introduced them to a project about homelessness that’s designed to instill compassion and community awareness while practicing some math skills along the way.

“When we first start, they have this idea of what a homeless person looks like,” she explained. We talk about what causes homelessness, how people become homeless. And they find out that I, myself, was homeless, because I was a victim of Hurricane Katrina. It changes their mindset, it’s not an old guy out on a street corner, it could be anybody. It could be anybody in this classroom. It’s pretty neat to watch them grow as individuals and working together as a group to make this big difference. They get so excited.”

Students then raised funds on their own for six weeks. They made announcements at school, participated in bake sales, and performed yard work as well as extra chores.

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