VBCPS partners with Securly to improve student safety online

VBCPS partners with Securly to improve student safety online
Posted on 08/27/2018

As part of the division’s commitment to safe and effective use of technology, Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) is excited to announce the addition of Securly Parent Portal, a web-filtering tool offering parental controls and reports on division-issued devices.

After a successful field-test at several schools, VBCPS will now offer all parents the option to use Securly to monitor how their children are using their school-issued devices. Parents will be able to view online activity outside of the classroom, such as sites browsed, social media use and activity, and items searched.

Parents must sign up to receive weekly Securly emails that will include detailed information about their children’s internet activity on school-issued devices.  Parents will also have the ability to customize what their children can do and see on their devices while at home and, specifically, allow or deny access to specific sites and categories.

Additionally, the software also contains a cyberbullying and self-harm detection feature.

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