Cafeteria staff takes stock in scratch cooking

Cafeteria staff takes stock in scratch cooking
Posted on 11/30/2018
The challenge: Create a stock from scratch.

The ingredients: An abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices, such as cranberries, celery and peppercorn.

No, this wasn’t an episode of the Food Network’s popular television show ‘Chopped.’ It was one of the classes that that the district’s new chef Kip Poole is hosting for cafeteria managers and aspiring cooks to learn the basics of scratch cooking. This one focused on stocks.

“We’re holding classes almost weekly and soon biweekly,” Poole said. “Our main goal is to train every cafeteria manager and assistant manager by next summer. We’ve done classes on knife skills, salad dressings, different types of greens and now we’re really getting into the main focus and that’s stocks, which are the main building blocks of sauces and soups.”

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