Students salvage materials to create traveling Eco Bus

Students salvage materials to create traveling Eco Bus
Posted on 11/21/2018
The gym floors from the former Princess Anne Middle School (PAMS) are getting a new lease on life, and so is school bus 914, which was scheduled to be taken out of service.

Over the next year, the students at Old Donation School, as part of their capstone projects, will be giving these materials a fresh start by re-purposing those materials and creating an Eco Bus.

“The goal is to convert the bus into this traveling exhibit that could go to different schools and show not only what we’re doing in terms of sustainability, but what other folks are doing,” said the division’s sustainability officer Tim Cole.

The concept originated when Old Donation School (ODS) Principal Kelly Hedrick read a blog about people across the country converting old buses in to classrooms. Her teachers loved the idea and ODS civics teacher Jared Fritzinger jumped on board for a very special reason.

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