Creeds Elementary School club knits for a cause

Creeds Elementary School club knits for a cause
Posted on 07/19/2018

A group of elementary school students have taken inspiration from a former Virginia Beach City Public Schools volunteer to help a local senior center.

Diana Berning spent nearly a decade volunteering as a field-day chaperone, Standards of Learning (SOL) hall monitor and, most notably, coaching a group of student knitters at several elementary schools. It was at Cooke Elementary School that Casey Conger, principal of Creeds Elementary School, first met Berning and was introduced to the idea of a knitting club.

“She and I got very close,” said Conger. “After she passed away, her sons gave me her knitting needles, so I knew I had to continue the tradition.”

In Berning’s memory, Conger started the Creeds Knitting Club at the beginning of July and it has quickly gained interest from current and former students, as well as staff. There is a standing open invitation for anyone in the Creeds community to join them Tuesdays at 10 a.m. throughout the summer break.

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