Military School Counselors

Virginia Beach City Public Schools employs two full-time military school counselors who are licensed school counselors primarily focused on supporting military-connected students as an extension of the school division’s guidance and counseling program.

Our military school counselors assist families and students of active duty military as well as students of retirees and reservist parents/guardians with deployment support, academic transition planning, military power of attorney evaluation and post-secondary planning. They also provide professional learning opportunities to school staff to better understand the unique needs of military-connected students and offer workshops to families regarding college options for military students.

For assistance or additional information, please contact the military school counselor assigned to the school in which your child is enrolled or will be enrolled when you relocate to Virginia Beach.

Rebecca Davila
VBCPS Military School Counselor

Alanton Elementary Star Wiggins
Arrowhead Elementary Star Wiggins
Bayside Elementary Star Wiggins
Birdneck Elementary Amanda Yoder
Brookwood Elementary Amanda Yoder
Centerville Elementary Amanda Yoder
Christopher Farms Elementary Amanda Yoder
College Park Elementary Amanda Yoder
Cooke Elementary Star Wiggins
Corporate Landing Elementary Amanda Yoder
Creeds Elementary Amanda Yoder
John B. Dey Elementary Star Wiggins
Diamond Springs Elementary Star Wiggins
Fairfield Elementary Star Wiggins
Glenwood Elementary Amanda Yoder
Green Run Elementary Amanda Yoder
Hermitage Elementary Star Wiggins
Holland Elementary Amanda Yoder
Indian Lakes Elementary Amanda Yoder
Kempsville Elementary Star Wiggins
Kempsville Meadows Elementary Star Wiggins
King’s Grant Elementary Star Wiggins
Kingston Elementary Star Wiggins
Landstown Elementary Amanda Yoder
Linkhorn Park Elementary Star Wiggins
Luxford Elementary Star Wiggins
Lynnhaven Elementary Star Wiggins
Malibu Elementary Star Wiggins
New Castle Elementary Amanda Yoder
Newtown Elementary Star Wiggins
North Landing Elementary Amanda Yoder
Ocean Lakes Elementary Amanda Yoder
Old Donation School Amanda Yoder
Parkway Elementary Amanda Yoder
Pembroke Elementary Star Wiggins
Pembroke Meadows Elementary Star Wiggins
Point O’View Elementary Star Wiggins
Princess Anne Elementary Amanda Yoder
Providence Elementary Star Wiggins
Red Mill Elementary Amanda Yoder
Rosemont Elementary Amanda Yoder
Rosemont Forest Elementary Amanda Yoder
Salem Elementary Amanda Yoder
Seatack Elementary Star Wiggins
Shelton Park Elementary Star Wiggins
Strawbridge Elementary Amanda Yoder
Tallwood Elementary Amanda Yoder
Thalia Elementary Star Wiggins
Thoroughgood Elementary Star Wiggins
Three Oaks Elementary Amanda Yoder
Trantwood Elementary Star Wiggins
White Oaks Elementary Amanda Yoder
Williams Elementary Star Wiggins
Windsor Oaks Elementary Amanda Yoder
Windsor Woods Elementary Amanda Yoder
Woodstock Elementary Star Wiggins

Bayside 6th Grade Campus Star Wiggins
Bayside Middle Star Wiggins
Brandon Middle Amanda Yoder
Corporate Landing Middle Amanda Yoder
Great Neck Middle Star Wiggins
Independence Middle Star Wiggins
Kempsville Middle Star Wiggins
Landstown Middle Amanda Yoder
Larkspur Middle Amanda Yoder
Lynnhaven Middle Star Wiggins
Old Donation School Star Wiggins
Plaza Middle Amanda Yoder
Princess Anne Middle Amanda Yoder
Salem Middle Amanda Yoder
Virginia Beach Middle Star Wiggins

Bayside High Star Wiggins
Cox High Star Wiggins
First Colonial High Star Wiggins
Green Run High Amanda Yoder
Kellam High Amanda Yoder
Kempsville High Star Wiggins
Landstown High Amanda Yoder
Ocean Lakes High Amanda Yoder
Princess Anne High Star Wiggins
Salem High Amanda Yoder
Tallwood High Star Wiggins