Intranet Access

Prior to accessing the Intranet, please read the following:

  • is available to school division employees only.
  • To access from home, you will be required to authenticate using your network login and password credentials. At the login screen:
    • Choose from the Drop down selection: ‘I am a teacher/staff member’
    • User name: Enter your network user name
    • Password: Enter your network password
  • If you have misplaced your network user name or password, please contact the Customer Support Center at 757.263.1111.
  • To access from home you must add the address of to your list of allowed web sites within your pop-up blocker if you are using one.



The supported browser is Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 or higher. All of the base functionality works fine with Firefox or Internet Explorer.

  • The AOL, MSN, People PC, Netzero, and Safari browsers may not work. If you use one of these browsers, make your connection, then minimize and run IE or Firefox to connect.
  • If you have a dial-up connection, use your Internet services provider to access the Internet, then minimize and run IE or Firefox to connect.
  • Macintosh computers can connect to the system. We recommend using the Firefox browser for Macintosh. Some Microsoft Office and MOSS 2007 integration with the Intranet may not work from a Macintosh. In some cases, access to Custom Applications on by Macintosh computers may not work. If you experience problems accessing from home:
    • Ensure that your Internet connection is working. If you have problems with access to the Internet, call your Internet Service Provider.
    • Ensure that the pop-up blocker on your computer is set up to allow access to the Intranet. Follow the directions provided in this document Access from Home Login Review and Internet Explorer Pop-Up Blocker Instructions.
    • If you can access the Internet and have the pop-up blocker set up correctly and still cannot access the Intranet, contact the Help Desk at 757.263.1111.
  • Help Desk staff will try to assist you with any issues relating to access but will not be able to provide you any consultation on your computer configuration or hardware support.


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