Core Values

Virginia Beach City Public Schools is committed to creating a culture of growth and excellence for our students, staff and community. We strive to make this culture evident to all by actively reflecting on and engaging in behaviors that demonstrate our core values.

We Put Students First:
Student-Centered Decision Making - Choosing actions that, above all else, benefit and support student learning, growth and safety.
We ask ourselves: How am I putting student interests and needs first when making decisions?

We Seek Growth:
Continuous Learning – Pursuing formal and informal learning opportunities to foster personal growth and improvement for all.
We ask ourselves: In what ways am I making my learning a priority?

We Are Open to Change:
Innovation – Encouraging new ideas or improved ways of teaching, learning and working together to achieve our mission.
We ask ourselves: How am I implementing new or improved ideas to benefit my work and the work of the school division?

We Do Great Work Together:
Collaboration – Working together and building partnerships that will benefit our students, division and community.
We ask ourselves: How and where am I working with others to improve my work and the work of the school division?

We Value Differences:
Respect – Fostering a trusting, open, ethical, honest and inclusive environment where diversity of thought and individual contributions are prized.
We ask ourselves: What am I doing to invite, recognize and esteem the perspectives of those around me?