Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Retiree Opportunity Program (ROP)?

The Retiree Opportunity Program is a VBCPS employment initiative that encourages and supports retired staff members to find part-time employment opportunities within the division.


Why is VBCPS launching this ROP?

VBCPS has been a sought after destination for employees and employers alike. As such, the division has a long history of talented and capable staff who have worked for schools and centers across the city. The ROP allows for the division to tap into the skillset, expertise and knowledge of its retirees while also meeting some unique staffing needs.  


Am I eligible to participate in ROP?

ROP is available to anyone who retired from an employer under the Virginia Retirement System (VRS). Retirees from non-VRS employers are eligible for employment through the regular employment process and are encouraged to monitor Some restrictions may apply concerning certain positions that are open only to VBCPS retirees (i.e. VBCPS staff development classes). 


What jobs can I apply for?

You can continue to receive retirement benefits while working in a non-covered position with a VRS-participating employer. VRS benefits eligibility is based on whether the position is budgeted/allocated and would qualify for benefits under VRS. Any budgeted/allocated position that is 50 percent or more of a full-time position is VRS-eligible. The final authority for eligibility to continue receiving benefits after returning to work with a VRS employer remains with the Virginia Retirement System.


Can I participate in ROP and collect my retirement?

Retirees are eligible to continue receiving their retirement benefit from VRS if they work in part-time positions for a VRS employer that are not considered VRS eligible.


How does working as a substitute or part-time employee affect my Social Security benefits? 

The amount you can earn without impacting your benefits is generally based on age. Questions concerning how part-time employment would interfere with your Social Security benefit should be directed to the Social Security Administration.


How do I apply for ROP jobs?

Individuals interested in employment must complete an application through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Once an application is complete, you can apply for posted positions you are interested in. The application only needs to be completed once.


Do I need to be a member of a local retiree organization to participate?

No, there is no requirement to be a member of any group or organization to participate in ROP. A local retiree group provides semi-annual social events for all interested VBCPS retirees. Further information may be obtained by email.


Where can I find volunteer opportunities?

Retirees interested in volunteering are invited to participate in the Golden Circle program, which was designed to encourage and recognize the involvement of seniors and retired citizens in public education. For more information on volunteering with the division visit or call the Office of Community Engagement at 263-1337.


Where can I find updated information on ROP?

Up-to-date information concerning ROP is available on and the Jobs at VBSchools Facebook page. For additional information, contact the Department of Human Resources at [email protected] or at 263-1133.