Call to Action

Call to ActionAt various times throughout the year, Virginia Beach City Public Schools is in need of assistance from our community for specific activities. These times of need are referred to as a Call to Action. These Calls to Action target community volunteers with talents matching those needed by any of our 85 schools/centers or at the district level.

Here is a sample of the types of activities that may be included in a
Call to Action:

  • Textbook adoption
  • Curriculum development
  • Advisory group/committee
  • Speakers
  • Mentors
  • Special events
  • Office assistance

Current Calls to Action

Textbook Adoption
Plans are underway to adopt new textbooks for the following courses and we need your help. The school division is in search of parents, grandparents and community members to serve on textbook adoption committees for the following subject areas:

  • Elementary Math
  • Elementary Social Studies
  • Middle and High School Math
  • AP Government and Politics

If you would like to review textbook materials for any of these subject areas, please contact Nicole DeVries, administrative coordinator for the Department of Teaching and Learning by calling 757-263-1070 for more information.

Whatever the request, we hope that you will be available to step in and help if you determine that your abilities match our needs. If you have questions about Call to Action, please contact the Office of Community Engagement at 757.263.1936 or email [email protected].