Family and Community Engagement


Aim to promote access to information and resources necessary to ensure academic success as well as improve the social well-being of families and students.


Engage and empower family and community stakeholders through division collaboration of resources, services and information that leads to a well-balanced and successful student.

Office of Family and Community Engagement

Director - Dr. Admon Alexander, Ed.D.
Coordinator, School and Community Partnerships- Jennifer McGowan
Coordinator, Virginia Beach Education Foundation - Debbie Hughes
Family Outreach Representative - Leslie Riccio
Family Outreach Representative - Rachel K. Thompson
Family Outreach Representative- Deje Bragg
Family Outreach Representative- Rowena Gesick
Family Outreach Representative- Jen Wen
Administrative Office Associate II - Mary Hunt
Administrative Office Associate I, VBEF - Betsy Scales
Office email address- [email protected]
Office phone: 757.263.1821

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