ATC CyberCamp sparks interest in cybersecurity

ATC CyberCamp sparks interest in cybersecurity
Posted on 07/24/2018

Tyevon Wint, a 2017 graduate of Landstown High School and an Advanced Technology Center (ATC) program completer, already had a career goal in mind when he started middle school.

“I decided that I wanted to do cybersecurity when I was in sixth grade and I just had never known about the ATC until my friend told me about it. As soon as I heard about, I applied as fast as I could.”

Wint also would have attended the Advanced Technology’s Center (ATC) CyberCamp if it existed then.

“I would have signed up in a heartbeat,” he said.

Wint’s dream is a reality for the school division’s secondary students with the ATC offering CyberCamps at both the middle and high school levels for the past two and three years respectively. Wint, who studied cybersecurity at the ATC and plans to pursue that major at Old Dominion University, is one of several student volunteers at the camps led by ATC instructors.

“This is an introductory camp to cybersecurity principles: what are issues in cybersecurity, why does it happen, and then how to take steps to prevent your systems from being attacked or look for clues of possible problems,” said Linda Lavender, an ATC instructor and middle school CyberCamp co-leader. “It’s to kind of get acquainted with the tools that we use as cybersecurity professionals to either prevent that attack or to find it after the fact.”

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