Custody Registration

Court appointed custody to a non- biological parent

  • A person who obtains court appointed custody of a minor student not solely for educational purposes is considered the legal guardian of the student. If the court order is from another state, the parent must provide evidence that the document has been registered in Virginia.
  • The court order must be signed by a judge and certified.
  • The court in the jurisdiction where the minor student has resided for the prior six months has the authority to make custodial decisions regarding the minor child. Persons seeking legal custody or changes in legal or physical custody should plan to obtain a court order before attempting to enroll a minor student. VBCPS will not enroll a student pending a court date to review determine custody.
  • The person with custody enrolling the student must complete the Custody Registration Form (Appendix H). The school will submit the form and supporting documents to OSL for approval/disapproval.

The following documents must be attached to the request:

  • Copy of the court order from a court in the US conferring guardianship or legal custody of the student to the person making this request. (court orders from other states must be registered in VA).