Individual Student Alternative Education Plan (9-12)

What is the Individual Student Alternative Education Plan (ISAEP)?

The Individual Student Alternative Education Plan (ISAEP) is a Commonwealth of Virginia initiative to provide an opportunity for students ages 16-17 to work toward a General Education Development (GED®) Certificate and a vocational/career skill without dropping out of school. Students must be referred and must qualify to be admitted to the program. This program will be considered only after all measures to maintain students in a diploma program have been exhausted.

Who may be considered for this program?

A student who is at least 16 and not more than 17 years of age and who is not performing academically, is considering dropping out of school, and/or appears unlikely to earn a traditional high school diploma may be considered for this program. An ISAEP student is often one full year behind in credits compared to his/her ninth grade cohort or overage and has not yet reached the ninth grade. Interested students and/or parents should contact a teacher, counselor, or administrator in their home school to begin the referral process to the ISAEP Program.

How are students referred to the program?

  • Students who are currently enrolled in Virginia Beach City Public Schools: refer to the home school ISAEP Coordinator
  • Students who have been in non-attendance for less than a year: refer to the home school
  • Students who have been in non-attendance for more than a year: refer to the Office of Student Leadership
  • Students who have been home-schooled: refer to the Office of Student Leadership
  • Students returning from the Commonwealth Challenge Program: refer to the Office of Student Leadership

ISAEP Referral Process


Step 1 – Initial Principal-Parent-Student Conference

The purpose of the Principal-Parent-Student Conference is to discuss the student’s options for meeting the compulsory attendance requirement: (1) remain in the regular school program, (2) seek placement in an alternative education program and/or center, or (3) request participation in the ISAEP Program. The home school ISAEP Coordinator (principal’s designee) will provide full disclosure of all relevant aspects of the program and a written description of the program components. Parents/guardians will sign the Disclosure and Parental Consent Form to confirm that they have received full disclosure and understand all requirements.

Step 2 – Student Assessment and Evaluation

Students planning to fulfill the compulsory attendance requirement through the ISAEP Program must first demonstrate that they have the ability to benefit from such a program. Students are assessed using a reading achievement test, a GED practice test, and a career and technical education assessment.

  1. Students must score at the 7.5 grade-level or higher on a nationally normed reading test or have achieved a pass/proficient score on the Grade 8 Reading Standards of Learning (SOL) test. The home school coordinator administers the reading test or verifies a passing score on the 8th grade SOL test.
  2. Students who achieve the required reading score will be scheduled to take an official computer-based GED practice test at Renaissance Academy. Students must achieve the minimum score of 135 on each of the four subtests to qualify for the ISAEP program.
  3. The home school coordinator notifies the parent/guardian and student of the test results. If the student qualifies, the parent/guardian and student will be scheduled for an appointment with the ISAEP Teacher at Renaissance Academy to develop the ISAEP. Students scoring below the required minimum test score on any subtest will be referred back to the home school coordinator for further evaluation.

Step 3 – Registration and Development of the ISAEP

Note: student must have a government issued picture ID in order to register.
The parent/guardian and student will meet with the ISAEP Teacher at Renaissance to develop the student’s individual alternative education plan.

  1. At this meeting, the following will be discussed:
    1. Attendance requirements and student expectations
    2. Program components and requirements for completion: academic preparation for the GED, completion of the economics and personal finance course, and career and technical education preparation
    3. Economic impact of dropping out of school
    4. Provisions for re-enrollment in the home high school
    5. Renaissance Academy policies/procedures
  2. The parent/guardian and student sign the contract and complete the necessary paperwork to enroll.

Step 4 – ISAEP Program Expectations and Activities

  • ISAEP students are required to attend the ISAEP Program a minimum of 25 hours per week.
  • Students receive academic instruction to prepare them to pass the Official GED Test.
  • Students complete coursework in economics and personal finance.
  • Students participate in career exploration, receive career counseling, and complete work skills development activities to prepare them to earn a career and technical education credential.
  • Students maintain a portfolio to document progress. The portfolio is reviewed regularly and shared with parents/guardians.

Step 5 – ISAEP Exit Process

Students may exit the program in one of three ways:

  1. Successfully complete all components of the ISAEP Program including the career and technical education component, a course in economics and personal finance, and passing the Official GED Test.
  2. Re-enroll in his/her regular home school or an alternative education program and/or center.
  3. Withdraw from the ISAEP Program. However, any student who fails to return to school after withdrawal from the program will be deemed in violation of compulsory attendance requirements and will be subject to appropriate legal action.

How long does a student participate in the ISAEP Program?

Students must participate in the program until they have successfully passed the GED Tests, completed the career and technical education component outlined in the ISAEP, and completed the course in economics and personal finance. Students will not be released from compulsory attendance until these requirements have been met.

Is transportation provided?

Yes. School buses transport students using express routes to arrive prior to 7:20 a.m. and return home after dismissal at 2:10 p.m. Students are responsible for making other arrangements for transportation if unable to ride the school bus.

Are students enrolled in the ISAEP Program at Renaissance Academy required to wear uniforms?

Yes. All students at Renaissance Academy are required to wear uniforms. ISAEP students wear a black academic polo shirt and khaki/tan pants. Polo shirts must be purchased from Renaissance Academy.

Whom can I contact for additional information about the ISAEP Program?

ISAEP Teacher: Alexandra Douglas
5100 Cleveland Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
Telephone: 757.648.5905 Fax: 757.473.5216