Virginia's Workplace Readiness Skills

About Virginia's Workplace Readiness Skills

During the mid-1990's, the University of Virginia's Weldon Cooper Center interviewed over 550 employers across Virginia about the traits they were looking for in their entry-level employees. The result of that study, funded by the Virginia Department of Career and Technical Education, were summarized in Virginia's Changing Workplace: Employers Speak (Martin, Carrier, & Hill, 1997) and provided the foundation Virginia's Workplace Readiness Skills Curriculum.

Virginia Embraces Success 

In January 2005, the Virginia Beach City Public Schools' Office of Technical and Career Education received funding from Opportunity Inc., the workforce development board for South and West Hampton Roads, to write and disseminate a curriculum for high school technical and career education students to learn Virginia's 13 Workplace Readiness Skills. The curriculum project was completed in the spring of 2006. Additionally, a third-party online assessment of Virginia's 13 Workplace Readiness Skills was developed by the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI). Students in selected TCE programs and schools sat for the Workplace Readiness Skills pre-test during the fall of 2006. The post-testing was conducted during the spring of 2007.