Health Certificates/Medical Examinations/Communicable Disease Awareness/Fitness for Duty 4-9

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 4-9


Health Certificates/Medical Examinations/Communicable Disease Awareness/Fitness for Duty

  1. New Employees

    As a condition of employment, each employee shall submit a certificate signed by an authorized medical professional stating the employee appears free of communicable tuberculosis. The certificate must be based on recorded results from skin tests, x-rays, and other examinations, singly or in combination, as deemed necessary by the physician and which have been performed within the twelve-month period immediately preceding the submission of the certificate.

    A person who leaves employment in the School Division (including a leave of absence) and returns after one or more years may be subject to recertification.

  2. Health Certificates and Medical Examinations
    1. Food Services employees and others handling or dispensing food must submit a current permit from the Virginia Department of Health. The requirements of this certificate shall be specified at the time the offer of employment is made.
    2. Bus drivers must have a physical examination of a scope prescribed by the Virginia Board of Education with the advice of the Medical Society of Virginia and furnish a form prescribed by the state board showing the results of such examination.
  3. Communicable Disease Awareness Training

    All new employees shall receive infection control written information outlining preventive measures regarding communicable diseases.

  4. Fitness for Duty

    In appropriate circumstances, an employee may be required to undergo an examination to help determine his/her fitness for duty. The Department of Human Resources may also contact an employee's health care provider to obtain fitness for duty information. Either action will be done in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Employees may be relieved of duty pending reasonable suspicion that the employee is unable to perform duties or poses a threat to self or others. Refusing to cooperate with reasonable efforts to determine fitness for duty may result in disciplinary action.

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Code of Virginia § 22.1-301, as amended. Costs of medical examinations and of furnishing medical records.

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 U.S.C. §12101, as amended.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitative Acts of 1973, 29 U.S.C. §794, 34 C.F.R. §104.7, as amended.

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Adopted by School Board: July 13, 1993 (Effective August 14, 1993)
Amended by School Board: November 8, 2017