Literacy Development Plan (LDP) 6-74.1

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 6-74.1


Literacy Development Plan

  1. Generally

    The administration assures that students shall receive opportunities to acquire the proficiencies necessary for earning the Literacy Passport.

  2. Summer School

    All middle school students who are required to take the Literacy Passport Test pursuant to School Board Policy 6-74 and who fail to pass the Literacy Passport Test (LPT) are required to attend summer school at no cost to their parents. Eighth grade students who fail only one part of the LPT and achieve a B average when the summer school grade is averaged with regular school grades will be allowed to attend school at the high school sites. If they do not achieve a B average, they will attend the Literacy Center. Exceptions to this general rule are based on the student's special needs which would justify attendance at the high school site. The Literacy Center offers remediation and ninth grade courses for all students but no special education services.

  3. Literacy Center
    1. Purpose

      The Literacy Center is designed to provide students with concentrated instruction in reading, writing, and mathematics as preparation for retaking and passing the failed parts of the Literacy Passport Test (LPT), and to provide accelerated instruction in reading, writing, and mathematics to enhance the students' chances for future academic success in high school.

    2. Enrollees

      Students who attend the center are ninth-grade age appropriate, but are unclassified as ninth-graders because of failing to pass one or more parts of the LPT. If students failed two or more parts of the LPT in the eighth-grade, they must attend the center. If students failed only one part of the LPT and have at least a B average in the eighth-grade, they may attend their home school; however, if less than a B average was earned in eighth-grade, they must attend the center. English as Second Language (ESL) and special education students have choice to attend the center or to remain in their home schools.

  4. Phase Out of the Literacy Passport Test

    Students in the class of 2003 (7th graders in the 1997-98 school year) will be the last complete class required to pass the LPT to receive a standard or advanced diploma. The administration of the LPT shall be done in accordance with the provisions of School Board Policy 6-74.

School Board Policy 6-74

Approved by Superintendent: October 19, 1993
Revised by Superintendent: August 19, 1998