Substitute Teachers 4-90.1

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 4-90.1


Substitute Teachers

Substitute teachers may be employed for classroom teachers, specialists, and librarians whenever absences occur on teaching days. In instances when substitutes are employed on a long-term basis, employment on non-teaching days is authorized. Substitute teachers must have completed all employment requirements prior to accepting employment.

  1. Application
    1. All prospective substitutes must file an application with the Department of Human Resources.
    2. Substitute teachers must have a minimum of sixty (60) credit hours of college study.
    3. All prospective substitutes must attend an orientation/training session conducted by the Department of Human Resources.
    4. Once an applicant has been approved, the applicant will receive notification of the approval and instructions on how to access the School Division’s substitute job acquisition program.
  2. Employment
    1. Principals should notify the Department of Human Resources, in writing, using the Substitute Exclusion Request form, of any substitute teacher whose performance is unsatisfactory.
    2. Substitute teachers employed on a long-term contract should receive an informal evaluation by the principal at the end of their employment.
  3. Classroom Teacher's Responsibility

    The classroom teacher will maintain a substitute folder that includes the following information:

    1. Class rolls
    2. Class schedules
    3. Lesson plans
    4. Unit plans for long-term assignments
    5. Seating charts, if applicable
    6. List of duties with appropriate directions
    7. Copies of forms needed
    8. A map of the school
    9. Student accommodations and Behavior Intervention Plans as well as required health plans.
  4. Substitute Teacher's Responsibility

    The substitute teacher is responsible as follows:

    1. The substitute should become familiar with all rules and procedures of the school, including any additional documents provided on the day of the job.
    2. Substitutes will adhere to the established policies and regulations of the School Board.
    3. Substitutes follow the plans and instructions provided by the teacher.
    4. Substitutes should assist the school with additional duties such as hall duty, cafeteria duty, transportation supervision, supervision of students, and/or class coverage.
    5. The substitute should leave a brief statement of progress for the teacher.

Approved by Superintendent: July 16, 1991
Revised by Superintendent: January 26, 2022