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The application season opens on February 15, 2023 and will remain open until June 2, 2023. At that time, it will remain closed until June 15. After June 15, 2023, you may apply for the waitlist until October 2, 2023.

Phase I—

  1. Enter information into the online Pre-K application using the APPLY NOW button at the bottom of this page.

    *If you do not have access to the internet, you may call and leave a message at the Pre-K Registration Help Line at 757.263.1420. A member from the Pre-K office will contact you to complete the questionnaire by phone.

  2. An email will be sent within a week to inform you of your tentative eligibility (or ineligibility) and the next steps for Phase II. This tentative eligibility communication does not guarantee a position in the program but rather that the child has met the initial eligibility criteria and you will now move to Phase II of the process.

Phase II—

  1. If you are tentatively eligible, you will receive an email with information on setting up an application screening appointment to present required documents to confirm eligibility. Most appointments will be virtual but you may request a face-to-face appointment if needed by calling our office (757.263.1492).
  2. Schedule an application screening appointment, attend the appointment, and present all required documentation.

Phase III—

  1. By late July, if you were found eligible, you will receive notification by USPS mail to inform you of either placement in the program or placement on the waitlist.
  2. If accepted into the program, call the school to make an appointment to take all required documents (listed on your acceptance letter) to your assigned school to register. The letter will give you a timeframe for open enrollment. If you cannot enroll within the timeframe, you may forfeit the placement. Please call our office if you need to request an extension (757.263.1492).
  3. Children will not be formally enrolled in the Pre-Kindergarten program until parents and/or guardians have completed the registration process at the assigned school. Children who are not registered and attending school when school opens for the year will forfeit their space in the Pre-K class.

*If you are placed on the waitlist, please monitor your email and voicemail. If a spot opens and you are next on the list, you will be notified.

Required Documents

Documents needed to apply for Pre-K application screenings and registration:

Documents are required to be viewed during the application process and presented when registering at your assigned school:

  1. Proof of child's birth (Your child must be four years old on or before September 30, 2023)
    Original certified birth certificate, child's passport or affidavit regarding birth (copies of these documents are not accepted);
  2. Parent/Guardian proof of identification
    Valid state or government issued photo ID, such as a Virginia Driver's license, a military ID or a valid U.S. passport ID;
  3. Proof of legal guardianship (if applicable)
    This is only required if your name is not on the child's birth certificate:
    • Court ordered custody documents
    • Custody Registration Form
      (for anyone assigned custody other than the biological parents)
    • Kinship Care Form
      (required if an adult relative is providing care to the child without assigned custody)
  4. VBCPS Registration/Emergency Data Form
    This form may be accessed online, or picked up at any Virginia Beach Elementary School.
  5. Parent/Guardian proof of income
    Because income is a primary qualifying factor, proof of income for all individuals contributing to the family is required to determine eligibility. This could include:
    1. 2022 W-2 forms or income tax forms;
    2. Social security/disability income;
    3. 1099s;
    4. Rental income;
    5. Two recent paycheck stubs
    6. SNAP/TANF/WIC benefit information
    All income sources must be reported and verified.
  6. Two Proofs of Parent/Guardian Virginia Beach Residency*
    1. Mortgage or lease/rental agreement in your name, AND
    2. An electric, gas, or water bill in your name. Cable and phone bills are not acceptable.

    *If you are living with someone and you do not have a lease/mortgage and utility bill in your name, you must submit the following:

    • 1) The VBCPS Shared Housing Form, signed and notarized;
    • 2) Lease/mortgage of homeowner (copy for file);
    • 3) Your driver's license showing the current address (copy for file);
    • 4) Current utility bill of homeowner (copy for file);
    • 5) A bank statement, vehicle registration, paycheck stub, or voter registration card in the parent's/guardian's name showing the current address (copy for file)
  7. Individualized Education Program (IEP)
    This would only apply if your child has been found eligible for an IEP.

If you receive notification that your child is being placed in the program, then you must accept the seat by presenting the original documents that were viewed (above) AND the following documents (below) during registration at your assigned school:

  1. A copy of a comprehensive physical examination from a qualified licensed physician or licensed nurse practitioner, performed within the twelve months prior to the date the student enters Pre-K. The Virginia Form MCH-213G, can be used or a similar physical form provided by the healthcare provider.
  2. Proof of immunizations for all students entering a public school. Month, day, and year of immunizations must be reflected. Pre-kindergartners must have immunizations verified on either a Virginia Form MCH-213G, public health department form, or an immunization document from a qualified licensed physician or licensed nurse practitioner. For your convenience, directions are available for completing the MCH-213G form.
  3. Two current emergency contact phone numbers

Pre-K enrollment is contingent upon validation of all required documents.

Apply for Pre-K (2023-2024) from February 15, 2023 until June 3, 2023

Thank you for your interest in the VBCPS Pre-Kindergarten program. We accept applications from February until June for first-round placements. You may still apply from June until October for the waitlist. We will continue to place students as we have openings.