Summer School Online Health and Physical Education

Summer School Online Health and Physical Education (HPE) Grades 9 & 10 FAQ

Who is eligible to take Online Health and Physical Education (HPE) Grades 9 and 10 during summer school?
All rising ninth-grade students are eligible to take online HPE 9 and rising tenth-grade students are eligible to take online HPE 10. Students who need to complete one of the courses for credit recovery are also eligible. Certain academy students are ineligible. Please contact your academy before registering for an online summer school course.

How does a student meet the physical requirements for the Online Health and PE class?
The student will be assigned a heart rate monitor to be worn during workouts. This device records the heart rate throughout the exercise period. Students are expected to work hard enough to remain at their target heart rate for at least twenty minutes during the hour of exercise.

How many hours of physical education are required?
During summer school Online Health and PE classes, students will be required to participate in an activity of their choice for a minimum of five hours per week; approximately one hour per day.

Is there a set schedule of face-to-face meetings for HPE courses?
For all Online HPE courses, your teacher will schedule a face-to-face meeting to distribute Heart Rate Monitor equipment and then meetings to read the heart rate monitor. Fitness Test meetings will also be scheduled. You must attend all meetings. The general schedule during summer school is as follows:

  • Meeting 1 - June 23, 2020 - First Day of Course - Distribute, train and test Heart Rate Monitor equipment
  • Meeting 2 - July 14, 2020 - Virginia Physical Fitness Testing (HPE 9 and 10) and Driver Ed Final Exam (HPE 10 Only) - times and locations to be announced by your instructor
  • Meeting 3 - August 5, 2020 - Hands-on CPR/AED training (HPE 9 only) and HRM equipment return - times and locations to be announced by your instructor

Is it possible to take online HPE if the student is traveling during summer as long as there is continuous internet access?
Since this is an online course, students who have reliable access to an adequate computer and a high-speed internet connection should be able to travel while taking the course. However, our experience has shown that online students who plan to be away during parts of the course sometimes have difficulty successfully completing their work by their required due dates. Even if the intent is to continue working in the course while away, unexpected technical issues or changing motivation can affect the likelihood of success. Virginia Beach Digital Campus courses are not structured so that the student can "work ahead" before extended absences or "catch up" after returning. All of our online courses have weekly deadlines and interactions among coursemates. Teachers are not required to structure individual course calendars to accommodate vacations and extended student commitments.

What types of activities qualify for the physical education portion of the class?
In general, any activity that raises your heart rate into the Target Heart Zone is acceptable. You’ll be able to choose your activity as long as you can continue for an hour at a time. Please note that practice sessions for school and community sports teams typically do NOT yield the required duration and intensity to meet the course requirements. Students should plan regular activity sessions for their Online HPE course separate from sports practices.

Will the student be responsible for purchasing a heart rate monitor?
No. Each student will be issued a heart rate monitor and other required materials at the required face-to-face meeting. There is no charge for this equipment unless it is lost or damaged.

Are the heart rate monitors waterproof? Is it possible to swim while wearing the monitor?
Yes, the monitor, strap and transmitter are all waterproof, but once submerged, the buttons on the receiver watch must not be pressed. Monitors cannot be used in salt water. This includes the ocean and some backyard swimming pools. Chlorine-treated swimming pools are acceptable. The strap must be snugly secured across the chest in order to maintain contact with the skin while swimming.

Will transportation be provided on the days students attend face-to-face meetings with their teacher?
No, transportation will be the responsibility of the parent or student.

How will student grades be determined?
The same grading guidelines will be followed whether the student is taking a Health and PE course online or face-to-face at a school. Completion and demonstration of content attainment of the online health component and successful participation in the individualized physical education portion of the class will each count 50 percent of the overall grade. Students will be responsible for a final assessment.

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