Virtual Feeding Plan

How will the feeding program look while students are in virtual learning status?

  • While the division is in virtual instruction, all of our schools will be providing free breakfast and lunch meal bags to all children 18 and younger during the 10:30 a.m. –1:30 p.m. pick up schedule beginning the Tuesday after Labor Day (Sept.8).
  • We will use the same curbside grab-and-go model for meal delivery that was used during summer food service. A table for pre-bagged breakfasts and lunches will be set up at each site in a location convenient for parent pick-up.
  • Food Services staff will utilize the USDA Summer Feeding Program model for monitoring and documenting each reimbursable meal. A child should be present to take a meal. If this is not possible with the virtual instructional schedule, then parents or those designated to pick up meals by the parent should complete COVID-19 Parent Meal Waiver No Child Present form or at the pickup location and give it to the cafeteria staff when picking up meals for the first time. This is only filled out at the initial pickup. For subsequent pickups, only the student names need to be provided to the cafeteria staff.
  • Only one car at a time should access the grab-and-go table. One individual from each car can take the number of bags that corresponds to the number of children in the car or on the Meal Waiver form once confirmed by Food Services staff. Food Services staff will maintain the CDC 6-foot distance from the table when it is being accessed.

Are meals free as they were during the Summer Feeding program?

  • Yes!! With the new ruling that came out Monday, Aug. 31, USDA is allowing for a continuation of the Summer Feeding Model which provided free meals to all students 18 and younger. The only difference between Summer Feeding and our Virtual Feeding is all VBCPS schools will now be providing this service instead of the 37 sites that operated during the summer.

Will we only have one meal option as we did during Summer Feeding?

  • Yes. Each meal will contain all USDA requirements for a fully reimbursable meal. You can click on the “menu” link here to view the two-week cycle menu. The menu will be changed every two weeks.

What happens when schools return to face-to-face instruction, but I have elected to remain in virtual status?

  • While students are engaged in face-to-face instruction, students receiving virtual instruction, will continue to be able to receive meals through the Summer Feeding program for the duration of USDA funding. Parents will be notified prior to our return to the traditional school breakfast and lunch program based on individual eligibility.
  • When face-to-face instruction begins for your student, a flexible food distribution model that uses cafeteria serving lines as well as flexible serving stations will be implemented in-line with established CDC and VDH safety protocols. Students will be served meals through the cafeteria serving lines or at flex stations. Meals will be consumed in the classroom, in the cafeteria, or other appropriate locations determined by school administration that support distancing and include cleaning mitigations.
  • A variety of pre-assembled, reimbursable meal options will be offered, including vegetable, fruit, grain and milk. Students will not be permitted to self-serve any items, including food, milk, condiments and utensils.
  • To reduce physical contact, cafeterias will continue use cashless transactions only. Students will use barcode scanners instead of the traditional keypads at cashiers’ stations. Parents will be encouraged to pay for meals online via their School Café account.