Equity Council

VBCPS Equity Council

The DEI director serves as chair of the division’s Equity Council, which is comprised of community members, school board members, business partners, teachers, parents, and students. The council meets bi-monthly to discuss equity efforts, needs and actions of the division and community. The council monitors the division’s progress toward meeting diversity/equity goals and provides feedback to impact future action. The council also host an annual student showcase that highlights the minority and gender achievement clubs throughout the division and community.


Term Ending - April 6, 2023

Ty M. Harris, Chair

Admon Alexander
Amy Baddi
Theresa Bannon
Tina Cerja
Josiah Davenport
Ure Emejuru
Lowell Evans
Gregory Falls
Suzanne Farley
Rowena Finn
Rowena Gesick
Kelly Knight
Vikram Kolli
Bridget Mariano
Zulainy Martinez
Natalie Meiggs

Chris Middleton
Lindsey Nathaniel
Sam Nix
Jessica Owens
Rebecca Palasek
Monica Parker
Leslie Riccio
Visla Rudiger
Elizabeth Santos
Arnetta Spikes-Taylor
Ronald Taylor
Brooke Taylor
Noah Wagner
Brian Wayne
Carolyn Weems
CJ Weisel