Resolution: Month of the VBCPS Graduate

WHEREAS, the mission of Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS), in partnership with the entire community, is to empower every student to become a life-long learner who is a responsible, productive, and engaged citizen within the global community; and

WHEREAS, in following the mandate of the governor’s statewide order, all Virginia schools were closed for face-to-face instruction for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic school year to reduce the spread of the continuing pandemic, COVID-19; and

WHEREAS, traditional graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020 are being prevented due to COVID-19, but VBCPS is dedicated to celebrating their graduates throughout the month of June; and

WHEREAS, VBCPS will be honoring our graduates with a monthlong series of events and displays planned throughout the city that congratulate the efforts of these more than 4800 young people; and

WHEREAS, between June 17 and June 20, every high school will host an individual graduation ceremony for each student, allowing the graduate to hear his or her name called, walk across a stage in cap and gown, receive a diploma and have his or her picture taken; and

WHEREAS, graduation tributes will also include a special VBCPS Graduation 2020 website, a special class video, displays on the division’s marquees and a “Light Up the Night” celebration, which includes each high school illuminating their field lights at 8:20 p.m. for exactly 20 minutes and 20 seconds, while “2020” is displayed on the scoreboard. 


RESOLVED: That the School Board of the City of Virginia Beach officially recognize the month of June as Month of the VBCPS Graduate; and be it

FURTHER RESOLVED: That the School Board of the City of Virginia Beach encourages all school staff and the community at large to initiate, support and participate in activities designed to recognize our graduates; and be it

FINALLY RESOLVED: That a copy of this resolution be spread across the official minutes of this Board.

Adopted by the School Board of the City of Virginia Beach this 26th day of May 2020.