Review of Administrative Decisions/Board Requests of Administrators 2-20

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 2-20


Review of Administrative Decisions/Board Requests of Administrators

  1. All questions from staff members concerning the operation of the School Division shall first be discussed with the appropriate administrators. School Board Members are not to request that staff members compile lengthy statistics, documents, or reports without channeling the request through the Superintendent or taking a School Board vote approving the request. To do otherwise results in staff members being given conflicting priorities.
  2. Staff members are to respond to School Board Member requests regarding School Board agenda items and are to answer School Board Member's questions relating to the welfare of the School Division. In the event a staff member feels that the School Board Member request is as described in section A of this Policy, the staff member shall so advise the School Board Member, contact the Superintendent, and provide the information upon direction of the Superintendent or the School Board. School Board Members shall not act unfavorably toward staff members adhering to this policy.

School Board Bylaw 1-29, as amended. School Board/Staff Communications/Staff Reports to School Board.

School Board Bylaw 1-29.

Adopted by School Board: October 20, 1992
Amended by School Board: October 7, 1997
Scrivener’s Amendments: December 3, 2013