School Visitors 7-17.1

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 7-17.1


School Visitors

  1. Visitors to the Schools

    The School Board welcomes visits by citizens of the city to their public schools. Visitors are expected to act in a manner consistent with School Board policies and regulations for student conduct. In order to protect the students, staff and property, visitors during school hours first shall report to the principal's office for authorization to be in the building or on the grounds and to receive and wear a visitor’s identification badge. The School Board authorizes the Superintendent to take all necessary actions regarding the safety, order and preservation of the educational environment on School Board property or at School Division-sponsored activities. The Superintendent shall formulate and post in the schools such regulations as are necessary to protect students, staff and property from unauthorized or disruptive visitors. The principal will contact law enforcement officials if necessary to enforce this Regulation.

  2. Outside of School Hours

    No one will be in the school building after school hours except on official school business, participating in a supervised school activity, authorized by the administration, or a spectator at an activity open to the public. All unauthorized persons will be deemed trespassers and may be punished under the law as such. Unauthorized persons loitering upon school property will be treated as trespassers.

  3. Conduct During Meetings

    All parties to meetings on School Board property are expected to abide by the School Division’s Decorum Guidelines posted in all schools and academies. Parents/legal guardians, students, and representatives should communicate in an open, timely, and polite manner with school personnel. Parties to a school-related meeting or other communications are expected to display respectful, cooperative, and non-threatening behaviors. If communications between parties becomes non-productive, disparaging, or threatening, the party causing the disruption will be asked to leave the meeting and/or the building or will be terminated from the communication. The remaining parties may continue with the meeting or communication if an adequate record of the meeting or communication is made. Any party who has unreasonably disrupted a meeting or other form of communication may be prohibited from participation in future meetings, telephone conferences, or other communications, or may be asked to participate by telephone or other means.

  4. Trespass on School Property

    Unlawful entry upon School Board property is prohibited. Any person who trespasses upon School Board property will be directed to vacate the school building and school grounds by an authorized school official. Remaining upon School Board property after having been directed to vacate is unlawful. Each time the trespasser enters or remains on School Board property, after such direction to vacate, will constitute a separate violation.

  5. Limitation of Access to School Property or Activities or Communication with Staff

    Any person who is not an authorized student, employee, official or agent of the School Board is considered an invitee to School Board property or activities. Persons determined by a school administrator to pose a threat or disruption to the educational environment or a School Division-sponsored activity may be banned from or otherwise limited in their access to School Board property or activities. Persons determined by a school administrator to have caused disruption to the educational environment by excessive or inappropriate use of communications (such as telephone, email, social media, etc.) may be limited or banned in their access to school personnel through such means of communication. A school administrator will inform such person verbally or in writing of the reasons for such determination and allow such person to provide information concerning the event. Within five (5) calendar days of notice of the school administrator’s determination, such person may make a written appeal of the school administrator’s determination to the Department of School Leadership. The Department of School Leadership will review the school administrator’s determination and determine whether the school administrator’s determination should stand or be amended. No hearing or meeting of the affected parties will be required. The Department of School Leadership may alter the school administrator’s determination in any manner deemed appropriate to the circumstances. The determination of the Department of School Leadership will be final and the person subject to the determination will have no right of appeal to the Superintendent or the School Board. After one calendar year from the date of the final determination, the affected person may make a written request to the Department of School Leadership to amend or revoke the final determination. The Department of School Leadership will make a written, non-appealable determination regarding such request.

Editor's Note

For trespassing on school property see legal reference to School Board Policy 7-17. Persons who are registered to vote at precinct located in a school building will be allowed to enter such building only for the purpose of exercising his/her right to vote.

School Board Policy 7-17

Approved by Superintendent: July 16, 1991
Revised by Superintendent: August 14, 1993
Revised by Superintendent: September 14, 2010
Revised by Superintendent: July 30, 2013
Revised by Superintendent: May 29, 2014