Middle Emergency Learning Plan

In response to Governor Northam’s executive orders prompting the closure of all Virginia K-12 schools for the remainder of the school year, and with guidance from the Virginia Department of Education, the departments of Teaching and Learning and School Leadership have developed an “Emergency Learning” Plan. Beginning on April 27, Virginia Beach City Public Schools will shift to an emergency learning plan model designed to address specific, essential standards, while at the same time providing students with flexibility in meeting those standards.

Our priority as educators during this challenging time is to stay connected to our students, provide meaningful learning experiences and respond to each of our students at the highest level possible. The Emergency Learning Plan was developed to:

  • ENGAGE students at the highest possible level with aligned, meaningful learning;
  • ENHANCE student understandings through high-quality virtual teaching and meaningful feedback;
  • EMPOWER students in their learning process; and
  • ENSURE that the needs of all of our learners are met to the best of our collective ability.