Global Studies and World Languages Academy

The Global Studies and World Languages Academy prepares students for world citizenship by providing opportunities to develop the intellectual skills needed to make global connections among all disciplines. The Academy offers rigorous academic curricula with geography integrated into the subject matter of every course. Three major themes are embedded: global issues, global systems and global cultures. The study of two world languages is required for all Academy students. Students choose from eight language offerings:

  • Arabic
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Latin
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Russian

Students will have the opportunity to participte in international exchange programs and travel tours.

The Academy prepares students for post-secondary education and provides opportunities to investigate international job market trends and explore international careers. Career success in fields such as business, government, banking and media and communications will require global knowledge and proficiency in world languages. Students have the opportunity to experience first-hand these careers through job shadowing and internships and students may tailor their program of study to earn either a Standard or Advanced Studies diploma.

The Academy Project

A long-term project with a culminating presentation in the student's senior year will feature an in-depth study of a global culture and a global issue of concern. Components of the project will include community service, cultural investigation and the development of a portfolio. Educational travel and internships will offer research opportunities that will cultivate a deeper understanding of selected global issues.


Geography studies and the knowledge of its practical applications are key to all course study throughout the four-year program. The learning of world languages is also a major factor in the Academy experience. Other unique course offerings and opportunities linked to a comprehensive program of global studies include:

  • Advanced coursework in English, math, social studies and science integrated with three global themes;
  • Seminar courses that utilize current non-fiction dealing with complex global issues;
  • Studies in international careers and job shadowing;
  • Studies in global economics and international business;
  • An in-depth study of a global culture and global issue of concern utilizing community resources and educational travel;
  • The use of the distance learning telecommunications laboratory to communicate globally via satellite broadcasting;
  • Community and international partnerships;
  • Electives in practical and fine arts; and
  • An after-school program with clubs and world language culture cafés.

For detailed course descriptions and a sample student schedule, please refer to the Secondary School Curriculum Guide.

For additional information please call the Academy Coordinator at 757.648.5725, or email Jessica Windish at Tallwood High School.