Entrepreneurship and Business Academy

The Entrepreneurship and Business Academy at Kempsville High School welcomes all students who are considering careers in the field of business.

The Academy offers three strands of study: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business Information Technology and Corporate Finance. Through studies within their selected strand, students will be exposed to multiple dual enrollment credit opportunities, through a partnership with Tidewater Community College, including paths leading to a student’s opportunity to earn his/her associate degree in business administration before graduating from high school. All students will complete an intensive senior internship experience leading them to be college and career ready when they graduate from Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

Goals of the Academy


Students enrolled in the academy will:

  • successfully complete a sequential program of study that focuses on specific skills, knowledge and technology in the fields of entrepreneurship, business information technology and corporate finance;
  • have opportunities to earn an associate degree/post-secondary credit;
  • exceed the objectives of Virginia Beach City Public Schools curricula and the Commonwealth of Virginia Standards of Learning tests;
  • participate in job shadowing, mentoring, and/or internship programs that extend, enrich, and refine student learning and create linkages with the academic and business communities; and
  • complete a long-term project through an internship/mentorship experience with a culminating presentation and digital portfolio in the senior year featuring an in-depth study of an issue of related concern to their related industry and present ideas/solutions as viable options to address the issue to a panel of business and community leaders.



The following courses are opportunities for all students enrolled in the Academy:

Academy Courses:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Business and Information Technology
  • Critical Issues in Business Seminar
  • Idea Generation and Creative Problem Solving
  • Dual Enrollment Principles of Public Speaking
  • Leadership Skills Development


  • Academy Honors English 9
  • Academy Honors English 10
  • Dual Enrollment College Composition I & II

Social Studies:

  • World Studies for Business I
  • World Studies for Business II
  • Advanced Placement Economics
  • Dual Enrollment Principles of Microeconomics
  • Dual Enrollment Principles of Macroeconomics


  • Advanced Placement Statistics
  • Dual Enrollment Precalculus I
  • Dual Enrollment Applied Calculus


  • Dual Enrollment Biology

Academy students will take additional required and elective courses in their selected strand of study.

During their ninth-grade year, students will select one of the following three specialized strands to study the remainder of their high school years.

Strand I: Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Students who select to study within the Entrepreneurship & Innovation strand will participate in INCubatoredu. INCubatoredu is a collaborative learning experience for high school students. The program provides the curriculum for our entrepreneurship classes, as well as training for our entrepreneurship teachers and community partners who serve as mentors.

Courses included in this strand: INCubatoredu, ACCELeratoredu and Design for Entrepreneurs

Strand II: Business Information Technology
Students who study in the Business Information Technology strand exhibit a strong interest in the technology side of business. Students enrolled in this strand will take courses at Kempsville High School to prepare them for the opportunity to apply and gain acceptance into a two-year program at the school division’s Advanced Technology Center.

Courses included in this strand: Academy Advanced Computer Information Systems, Computer Programming and Advanced Placement Computer Principles

Strand III: Corporate Finance
Students who study in the Corporate Finance strand will engage in the world of business accounting and finance. This strand offers students advanced exposure to business professionals, field trips and careers in the accounting and finance world.

Courses included in this strand: Academy Accounting, Academy Advanced Accounting or Dual Enrollment Principles of Accounting I & II, Academy Business Law and Ethics, Academy Corporate Finance


Life as a student in the EBA provides tremendous opportunities:

  • Master Classes – Students participate in after school sessions to learn straight from successful, local entrepreneurs once a week.
  • Community Service – Students in the academy possess a service-based mindset and complete at least 100 community service hours by the time of graduation.
  • Field Trips – EBA students are always on the go exploring businesses or attending presentations at local colleges and universities.
  • Joining DECA and FBLA – EBA students have the opportunity to join both business and marketing clubs for four years while in high school.
  • Enhanced Learning Spaces – EBA students are provided a learning environment that is conducive to entrepreneurship and business studies and activities that includes a makerspace, seminar space, conference room and hallways that provide opportunities for collaboration.

Entrepreneurship and Business Academy Partners

The Entrepreneurship and Business Academy has purposefully partnered with a variety of organizations to provide academy students increased career awareness, exploration and experiences. We are excited to partner with additional organizations through the continued development of the academy. A complete list of our business partners can be found on our website: https://kempsvillehs.vbschools.com/our_school/entrepreneurship_and_business_academy

For additional information contact Ms. Meghan Timlin, Entrepreneurship and Business Academy coordinator.