Virginia Beach City Public Schools provides all newly hired teachers with a professional learning program called Teacher Orientation and Continuous Learning Institute (TOCLI), which begins with Orientation Week.

TOCLI is a contractual obligation, and all first-year and new-to-Virginia Beach teachers are required to attend.

The purpose of Orientation Week is to orient teachers to the Virginia Beach City Public Schools Strategic Plan, Compass to 2020, and to introduce them to their respective curricula and effective instructional strategies.

Differentiated professional learning opportunities will be made available to new teachers throughout the school year.


New teachers will...

  1. Be welcomed and oriented to VBCPS and the support systems available.
  2. Be introduced to the VBCPS mission, vision, strategic goal, and outcomes for student success.
  3. Be introduced to VBCPS expectations for the implementation of specific curriculum through instructional planning and assessment.
  4. Be introduced to VBCPS expectations and resources for effective instructional delivery and establishing a positive learning environment.
  5. Be welcomed and oriented to individual schools.

For assistance or questions please contact the Office of Professional Growth and Innovation at 757.263.6972 or email Shelley Labiosa.