Virtual Learning Day

Virtual Learning Days (VLD) are an opportunity to extend learning outside the walls of the classroom and allow students to showcase their independent learning skills and creativity. In preparation for the day, teachers will provide students in grades K-12 assignments that align with the curriculum. These assignments are then to be completed outside of regular class time. Prekindergarten will not have Virtual Learning Day assignments.

Unlike regular homework, students can complete their VLD assignments that day or over the course of a designated five school day window for secondary students and a 10 school day window for elementary students. Teachers, who will be participating in a staff day, will have time to answer student questions either online or via email. Virtual Learning Days were created as a proactive way for the school division to help bank instructional time to use in cases of school cancellations due to weather conditions as well as to grow students’ capacity for independent learning.

Although students will have non-technological options to complete their assignments, this VLD effort has been made easier with the division being 1:1. In addition, the division’s use of online digital resources (including Schoology and access to Virginia Beach Public Library's digital catalog) helps students stay engaged even when class is not in session.