Nutrition Links


Southeast United Dairy Industry Association
Dairy is vital to good health and strong bones. This source gives information regarding:

  • Dairy's impact on health
  • Tips and tools for incorporating dairy into your diet
  • Recipes and snack ideas
  • A Mom's Corner
  • Ways to enjoy dairy even if you have lactose intolerance
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Fruit and Veggies: More Matters
All nutrition experts agree that increasing fruit and vegetable intake can promote better health. Features of this site include:

  • Recipes
  • Programs and events
  • Healthy Kids
  • Educators' tools
  • Consumer tips and (FAQs)

School Nutrition Association

Tray Talk
Tray Talk is a website created by the School Nutrition Association for parents to get the facts about school meals.

Fight Bac!
Due to many reasons, incidences of foodborne illnesses are on the rise. This food safety education site discusses:

  • Different foodborne illnesses
  • Safe food handling guidelines
  • Current news regarding food safety
  • Educator resources
  • A kids' link and much more

Fuel Up to Play 60
Fuel Up to Play 60 is a program founded by the National Dairy Council and NFL, in collaboration with USDA, that empowers students to take charge in making small, everyday changes at school.