School Rental

Facility Use will be evaluated with the health metrics and CDC guidelines. Currently Elementary School outdoor fields are open for Parks and Recreation athletics practices– baseball, softball, soccer, flag football, and lacrosse only. There will be no tackle football. Middle and High School outdoor fields are still closed to external non-school usage. Middle and High School tracks and tennis courts are open for individual exercise only. Travel and independent teams wishing to find spaces can contact the Parks and Recreation Athletics for rental of available parks or the Princess Anne Athletic Complex. School buildings and parking lots are closed to the public for rentals.

School Rentals provides support on the use of school buildings and grounds, compliance with School Board regulations regarding facility use, and related charges for approved organizations and citizens living within the City of Virginia Beach.


School RentalsApplicants must fill out an Application For Use Of School Facility form and submit to the school.

  1. Applications must be completed by an authorized legal signer for the requesting organization.
  2. The use of school building and grounds is limited only to approved organizations and citizens living within the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  3. Applicants will contact the school of their choice for space available. Availability is on a first come first serve basis with school sponsored activities taking precedence.
  4. Applicants will complete the School Facility Use application and submit to the school principal or student activities coordinator.
  5. Applications must be submitted to the school 10 working days prior to the date of use for regular small events- less than 100 attendees. Applications for large events – more than 100 attendees must be submitted to the school 45 days prior to the date of use and include all related contracts and details of activities.
  6. The School Facility Use application will be approved/disapproved along with scheduling requested needs (such as custodian services, space needs, security, etc.) at the school level.
  7. The application is then forwarded to School Rentals for final approval/disapproval, pricing and collection of required documentation.
  8. Organizations may be required to provide documentation such as 501c3 IRS letter, business license, etc.
  9. 9. Organizations requesting usage of VBCPS facilities must provide liability insurance coverage proof. Liability requirements are General Liability - $1,000,000 each occurrence, $2,000,000 Aggregate and School Board of the City of Virginia Beach MUST be named as additional insured. Contact School Rentals for exact requirements based on type of event/activity.
    Certificate holder address is:
    Virginia Beach City Public Schools
    Attn: School Rentals
    2512 George Mason Drive
    Virginia Beach, VA 23456
  10. School Rentals will distribute final copies to the school and requesting organization.
  11. Charges for the use of school facilities will be made in accordance with the fee structure set by the School Board.
  12. Applications for Groups II-V requiring charges MUST be paid to School Rentals before the school can be used.
  13. In accepting an approved facilities use application, the applicant agrees to hold the School Board harmless from any damage or claims arising from the action of the organization, its employees, or its patrons while the facility is in use.


Risk Management Office - School Rentals
Plaza Annex
641 Carriage Hill Road, Room 24
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Isabelle Reutzel-Hood - School Rentals Assistant
Office: 757.263.1190
Fax: 757.263.2501

Steve LePock - Risk Manager Office: 757.263.6002
Main: 757.263.2460

School Board Policy and Regulations for School Rentals