Safety Measures

Because safety is always uppermost in our minds, precautionary measures will be in place at the at the Virginia Beach Convention Center to ensure the ceremony is as safe and free from disruption as possible. After much discussion by the administration and public safety officials, precautions will include the following:

  • Gifts (boxes), camera bags, large objects, containers, noisemakers, balloons and signs are not permitted; items brought into the Convention Center are subject to inspection.
  • Some access doors may be restricted to the public.
  • All attendees are subject to metal detector inspection.
  • Appropriate attire is requested.

Since attendees are subject to metal detector inspection, we must warn you that you should have no illegal materials, weapons of any kind or substances on your person when you attempt to enter the Convention Center. In addition, you should make no jokes to officers who are conducting the inspections. Please talk with your child who is graduating and other guests attending with you since they, too, will be subject to the same scrutiny.  As in the past concerning these issues, you, your graduating child, or guest will be asked to leave if he or she violates any of these restrictions.