Military Family FAQs

MilitaryVirginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) understands that military service comes with some unique circumstances for military families and students. Relocations and parental deployments result in questions about student enrollment, school calendars, academic programs and military powers of attorney, among others. This webpage provides answers to frequently asked questions and our VBCPS military school counselors are also available to assist families. Contact the Office of Student Support Services at 757-263-1980 for more information.

What documents will I need to register my child for school?
Parents/guardians must register their child at the school he/she will attend with the following documents:

  • two proofs of residence/address (lease agreement/mortgage statement and current gas, electric or water bills)
  • certified birth certificate
  • physical examination report (for elementary students only)
  • current immunization records
  • two current emergency contact phone numbers
  • previous school report card/progress report (if applicable)

Please note: Code of Virginia § 22.1-270 requires that a student is immunized and receives a comprehensive physical examination before entering for the first time any public kindergarten or elementary school in a school division. The Code of Virginia § 22.1-360 and the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children allow for active duty military dependent children to be enrolled without documentation of immunizations; however, documentation must be provided within 30 days of enrollment. The Compact does not waive the physical examination requirement for these children.

What school will my child attend?
The school your child will attend is determined by the address where you reside. Except under special circumstances, students are assigned to a school in the attendance zone in which they live according to School Board Policy 5-14 and Regulation 5-14.1. A parent requesting assignment to another school must submit a Student Placement Request Form with supporting documents.

When does the school year begin and end?
VBCPS begins each school year the day after Labor Day and ends each school year in mid-June. Visit the calender page for detailed information.

What is the entrance age for kindergarten? Are there exceptions? Do you have full-day kindergarten?
In Virginia children must be five years old on or before September 30 of the upcoming school year to enroll in kindergarten. If a military-connected child transfers from a state that allows students to start kindergarten prior to that time and the child was enrolled and attending kindergarten, the child will be allowed to continue their enrollment regardless of age.

VBCPS has both half-day and full-day kindergarten while it is in the midst of multiyear implementation plan to transition to full-day kindergarten divisionwide. A list of the schools with half-day and full-day kindergarten is available on the Kindergarten webpage on

What academic programs and services does VBCPS offer?
VBCPS offers a variety of academic programs and services at all grade levels. Visit the Programs page on for more information about all of the division’s programs: ranging from pre-kindergarten, special education and language immersion to NJROTC, gifted education and career and technical education.

Can military dependent students transferring to Virginia Beach City Public Schools still apply to academy programs?
Yes. If a military family receives official orders transferring them to Virginia Beach, military dependent students may still apply under the Interstate Military Compact provided they meet the residency requirement. Program and contact information is available on the Academy and Advanced Academic Programs webpage on

Do you have a peer welcoming program for new students to help my children adjust to their new school?
All VBCPS high schools and middle schools have organized or are in the process of organizing Student to Student (S2S) and Anchored4Life (A4L) Programs. Many of the elementary schools also offer ambassador programs and A4L. Please contact the school your child will be attending for specific details on their peer welcoming program.

What is your homeschooling policy?
The General Assembly of Virginia does permit parents/guardians to provide home instruction to their children as an acceptable alternative to compulsory school attendance. Parents/guardians must submit to VBCPS a notice of intent to provide home instruction. The intent form and more information about home instruction is available on the Home Instruction page on

What if I must leave my child or children in the care of someone for a deployment or other military travel?
In accordance with School Board Regulation 5-10.1, if a service member must leave their child or children in the care of someone for a deployment or other military travel, the appointed guardian must have an unexpired Special Power of Attorney executed under 10 United States Code § 1044b (hereafter called a military POA), by the custodial parent. As set forth in Virginia Code § 22.1-360 this must not be solely for school purposes. You may also be asked to show a copy of your orders or a command letter verifying the military travel requirement.

In order to ensure the safety and security of your child and their records, the guardian must present the military power of attorney to the school before signing any educational documents or receiving communication regarding your child. It is strongly encouraged that the military parent contact the school registrar directly prior to the deployment to ensure the school has updated information and a contact identified who will be receiving communication about your child. Please also ensure the school is informed when you return from the deployment or the POA is no longer effective.

How long is a military POA effective?
Currently these documents are good for one year. If your power of attorney is due to expire during your deployment, please get a new document before you deploy and ensure the updated copy is provided to the school.

How do I obtain a military POA?
A military POA document may be obtained through a local installation’s legal office (such as Naval Air Station Oceana or Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story) or online at: The form must be signed by you at a military legal office or in front of a notary public.

What happens if the appointed guardian lives in another school’s zone or another city?
If the appointed guardian lives in another attendance zone or city, students may be permitted to continue at their current school for the duration of the deployment. During this time, transportation is the responsibility of the guardian.