History comes alive at Landstown Middle School

History comes alive at Landstown Middle School
Posted on 02/18/2019
Time: Boston, 1770

Event: Boston Massacre, known in Great Britain as the Incident on King Street

This historic confrontation between patriot colonists and British soldiers in 1770 on the streets of Boston, Massachusetts, ended with both sides engaged in a propaganda battle to promote their version of events. It was also one of the key incidents that led to the American Revolution. For sixth-grade students at Landstown Middle School, it became a great lesson on using critical thinking skills to learn about different perspectives.

“They didn’t have CSI [crime scene investigators] at that time so it was a mix of opinions of what happened,” said Diane Tarkenton, the school’s gifted teacher who was the main organizer of the mock simulation activity – one of five stations that students rotated through. “I’m hoping they leave with ‘there’s no one right answer’ and that there were two sides.”

At the Boston Massacre station, set up in the school’s main foyer, students first encountered an area blocked off by yellow tape, marking the place where the skirmish took place. Inside the sectioned-off area were sticks and white balls simulating the snowballs hurled that eventful night.

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