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Virginia Beach Summer School

The school division's 2023 Summer School programming will offer opportunities for elementary, middle and high school levels.

Title I

Title I is a federally funded program whose purpose is to ensure that all children have a fair, equitable and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and to raise achievement for all students.

Title I provides funding for the following:

  • Additional staff;
  • Family engagement opportunities;
  • Pre-Kindergarten;
  • Professional development of instructional staff;
  • Field trips and outreach opportunities;
  • Summer programs;
  • Home libraries;
  • Technology devices;
  • Online computer programs; and
  • Instructional materials and supplies.

Title I programs aim to ensure that all students have access to the following opportunities:

  • Meaningful, authentic and rigorous learning experiences;
  • Collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and problem solving.
  • Family engagement to enhance student achievement.

Eligible Title I Schools in Virginia Beach

Bayside Elementary
Bayside Middle
Bayside Sixth Grade Campus
B. F. Williams Elementary
College Park Elementary
Diamond Springs Elementary
Green Run Elementary
Holland Elementary

Luxford Elementary
Lynnhaven Elementary
Newtown Elementary
Parkway Elementary
Point O'View Elementary
Rosemont Elementary
Seatack Elementary
Thalia Elementary

For further information on Title I, please contact the Department of Teaching and Learning at 757.263.1450 or email Laura Silverman.