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Virginia Beach Summer School

The school division's 2023 Summer School programming will offer opportunities for elementary, middle and high school levels.

Academic Integrity

Your enrollment in an online course acknowledges your full commitment to academic integrity as an online student. All School Board policies and regulations apply to online courses including the guidelines stated in the Acceptable Use Policy and the Student Code of Conduct.

Academic integrity means:

  • Your work on each assignment will be completely your own.
  • Your collaboration with another classmate on any assignment will be pre-approved by your instructor.
  • You will not practice plagiarism in any form.
  • You will not allow others to copy your work.
  • You will not misuse content from the internet.
  • You may use only instructor approved resources on assessments.

Plagiarism is defined as copying or using ideas or words (from another person, an online classmate or an internet or print source) and presenting them as your own.

Please be aware that instructors check student work for authenticity. If an instructor confirms that a student has plagiarized work in any manner, the student will be subject to consequences determined by VBCPS administration.

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