Title I

Title I The Ripple EffectTitle I is a federally funded program whose purpose is to ensure that all children have a fair, equitable and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and to raise achievement for all students.

Title I provides funding for the following:

  • Additional staff;
  • Family engagement opportunities;
  • Pre-Kindergarten;
  • Professional development of instructional staff;
  • Field trips and outreach opportunities;
  • Summer programs;
  • Home libraries;
  • Technology devices;
  • Online computer programs; and
  • Instructional materials and supplies.

Title I programs aim to ensure that all students have access to the following opportunities:

  • Meaningful, authentic and rigorous learning experiences;
  • Collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and problem solving.
  • Family engagement to enhance student achievement.

Eligible Title I Schools in Virginia Beach

For further information on Title I, please contact the Department of Teaching and Learning at 757.263.1450 or email Laura Silverman.