Special Education Advisory Committee

The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) is appointed by the local School Board. The membership includes parents of children with disabilities, individuals with disabilities, local school personnel and representatives from community agencies that provide services to and persons with disabilities.

The functions of the Special Education Advisory Committee are:

  • To advise the school division of needs in the education of students with disabilities.
  • To participate in the development of priorities and strategies for meeting the identified needs of students with disabilities.
  • To submit periodic reports and recommendations regarding the education of students with disabilities.
  • To assist the school division in interpreting to the community plans for meeting the special needs of students with disabilities for educational services.
  • To review the policies and procedures for the provision of special education and related services prior to submission to the local school board.
  • To participate in the review of the school division’s annual plan.

For information about serving on the committee or about committee meeting dates, times, and location, call the Parent Support and Information Center at 757.263.2066.

Special Education Advisory Board Members - 2017-2018

Sandra Hermann, Chairperson
Dr. Lee Woodard, Vice Chair
Cheryl Ward, Secretary
  • Carol Blackwell (Consultant)
  • Christy Blount
  • Carol Brubaker
  • Dr. Roni Myers-Daub (Consultant)
  • Denise Glatt
  • Sheri Hight
  • Brent Ibata
  • Carol Koceja
  • Suzie Kumpf (Consultant)
  • Michele Redmond
  • Donna Robel
  • Lori Shedlock
  • Tania Sotomayor (Consultant)

Special Education Advisory Committee Meeting Calendar 2018-2019

Date Location
September 10, 2018
9:30 a.m.
Bow Creek Red Center
3427 Club House Rd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23452 
October 24, 2018
6:30 p.m.
Community Resource Fair
Landstown High School

2001 Concert Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23456 
November 5, 2018
6:30 p.m.
Kellam High School Schola
2665 W. Neck Rd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23456 
January 14, 2019
6:30 p.m.
Salem High School Schola
1993 Sundevil Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
February 11, 2019
9:30 a.m.
March 11, 2019
6:30 p.m.
Ocean Lakes High School Schola
885 Schumann Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23454 
May 13, 2019
6:30 p.m.
Renaissance Academy Schola
5100 Cleveland St.
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Archive SEAC Meetings