Assessment and Graduation

This page provides parents with information about the participation of students with disabilities in the Virginia Standards of Learning Assessments. Important decisions and planning that ultimately determine the type of diploma the student receives upon graduation from high school are related to participation in this assessment. As students with disabilities increasingly access the general education curriculum, we expect higher rates of participation in the assessments that measure progress in the curriculum.

Students with disabilities may earn Advanced Studies Diplomas, Standard Diplomas, Modified Standard Diplomas, and Special Diplomas. Each type of diploma has certain requirements. It is important for Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams to fully understand the criteria for awarding each so that appropriate planning decisions are made.

Additional information is also available through the Virginia Department of Education. Other resources you may access include your school's guidance counselor, the administrators, and special education teachers. In the Office of Programs for Exceptional Children, the Parent Resource Center also is available as a resource. For information
call 757.263.2066.

Thank you for your participation in the educational program planning and implementation for your child. Your support and informed participation are vital to your child’s educational progress.