An Achievable Dream Academy

SetbackAn Achievable Dream has been operating successfully in Newport News for 25 years. Students who participate in this program have many additional opportunities for school success and develop social, academic and moral skills (Social, Academic and Moral Education; SAME) that help them become strong adults. The program provides an extended-day and year-round education with enrichment classes; field trips; the support of community partners and mentors who are dedicated to the welfare of students; and of course, high-quality academic instruction. In Newport News there is an An Achievable Dream Academy at the elementary level and a combined school at the middle and high school levels. The children who successfully graduate from An Achievable Dream are “sponsored” by a community partner that supports their college education.

In July of 2014, Seatack Elementary became the host of the An Achievable Dream academy. The academy is now a full K-5 program at Seatack.

In July of 2018, Lynnhaven Middle will house the middle school years of the An Achievable Dream academy, with the first class of sixth-graders joining the school.

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