Middle School

MiddleGifted students at the middle school level may choose to apply to the full-time gifted program at Old Donation School, to a pull-out program for dance, the visual arts program at Virginia Beach Middle School, or to remain in their neighborhood school and receive services via the resource-cluster program.

Resource-Cluster Program

The resource-cluster program is available in all VBCPS middle schools and promotes optimum understanding of the needs of gifted learners for all school staff without creating an isolated learning environment. Gifted students interact with their teachers and classmates in a heterogeneous grouping while benefiting from the modification of content, process, product, and learning environment. Students have the opportunity to take advanced classes in English, science, and mathematics, and may begin a foreign language. The pace in these classes is rapid and students explore the subjects in greater depth and with additional intensity. Selection of these courses in middle school allows students the opportunity to take advanced classes in high school, whether as part of advanced placement curricula or at one of the high school academy programs.

Old Donation School

Old Donation School is a centralized, full-time, gifted school serving identified students in grades two through eight. Admission is application based and requires that students meet the criteria for gifted identification in VBCPS.

The curriculum includes all school district learning objectives, the Virginia Standards of Learning and expands and extends the curriculum specifically to meet the needs of the gifted learner. The specialized curriculum is designed using methods and resources for developing the abilities of gifted learners.

The middle school component requires all students to study a world language in grades 6-8. In addition to these language credits, all students receive credit toward graduation for Algebra I, Geometry and Earth Science upon successful completion of these courses. Because a world language is required of all students at the school, an extended day allows participation in an exploratory program. Classes such as chorus, orchestra, band, theater arts, computers, oral/written communication and other specialized courses are offered. Extracurricular activities include options such as forensics, debate, Academic Challenge, SCA intramurals and other clubs in which students have special interests. Students may participate in athletic sports teams in their neighborhood schools with transportation provided.

Gifted Dance Education Program

The Gifted Dance Education Program is a pull-out model for identified students in grades three through eight and is housed at Old Donation School. Admission into the program is determined through an application process.

Dance students are presented a comprehensive curriculum which emphasizes the areas of concepts and skill development, dance history and appreciation and creativity.

Gifted Visual Arts Program

All sixth through eighth grade students identified as gifted in visual arts and who wish to participate in the Gifted Visual Arts Program attend Virginia Beach Middle School as a full-time student. In grades six through eight, the Gifted Visual Arts Program is embedded within the middle school daily schedule. Gifted Visual Arts Program student schedules incorporate a zero bell to provide time for visual arts and another elective during the course of the student’s middle school day. Sixth and seventh graders have health and physical education scheduled during the zero bell; eighth graders have art studio. Transportation to Virginia Beach Middle School is provided for all students attending the Gifted Visual Arts Program.